schedule 時間表*
  • MO. 星期一
  • TU. 星期二
  • WE. 星期三
  • TH. 星期四
  • FR. 星期五
  • SA. 星期六
  • SU. 禮拜天
  • Public holidays
  • ( 1900 - 2100 hrs )
  • -
  • -
  • 1830 - 2030 hrs
  • -
  • 1400 - 1600 hrs
  • -
  • By appointment 預約 - Contact for details 歡迎聯絡我們
  • Flexible schedule plan  彈性時間表
  • Please contact us for private lessons  有關私人課的詢問請直接聯絡我們
Kwoon (training site) 武館*
  • Exact details follow upon confirmation of participation
  • Please contact us for private lessons and other locations
Practitioners of other lineages for exchange of technique and regular Chi Sau 黐手 practices are warmly welcome.
price list 學費*


chf 100

Per Month 每月份

  • # 2 sessions any weekday 任何周日縂兩節
    Small group size 小組人數有限
  • Start anytime 隨時可加入


chf 40^

Per person 每位

  • 1 weekday session 周日一節 #
    Introductory session beginners or refreshers 適合初學或重溫者
    Limited group size 人數有限
  • First hand HK training experience 親身體驗香港訓練模式
    Start anytime 隨時可加入
    ^ CHF 45/- weekends & public holidays 周末和公衆假期

Weekend Combo pack

chf 150

Per Month 每月份

  • 1 weekday + 1 weekend session per week 每周一周日 + 一周末 #
  • Small group size 小組人數有限
    Start anytime 隨時可加入

Kids / Teenagers

chf 100

10 sessions pack 十節課

  • 1 weekday lesson (2 sessions) 每周日一堂 (兩節) #
  • Small group size 小組人數有限
    Start anytime 隨時可加入
    Contact us for dates 有關日期請聯絡我們
    Suitable for 12-17 years old 適合12-17嵗兒童
    (6-11 years less 10% / 6-11嵗兒童九折)

Personal / Private

chf ...

Per person 每位

  • Minimum 2 sessions per weekday lesson 周日至少兩節 (每堂) #
  • Compact intensive format 密集訓練形式
    Learn more in less time 短期内積極學習
    Start anytime 隨時可加入
# Each session ~40min (supervised) 每節約40分鐘有教練看管
Other training plans available 有其他訓練計劃提供
Qualified students 10% off 合格學生九折
terms & conditions 參加條件*
  • participation at own risk, responsibility & insurance coverage
  • singles, pairs and families + kids to seniors are welcome
  • follow all health & safety instructions and security guidelines
  • observe & respect the Code of Conduct (CoC)
  • mask mandatory or buy on-site (for close-up exercises)
  • participants with relevant skill levels may join with a nominal fee (n.V.)
  • eligibility to participate is at the sole discretion of our team
  • participants to dress in appropriate sports attire and clean training shoes (indoor location)
  • Kwoon (training location) operational per applicable lockdown measures
* Subject to change without notice 在沒預先通知下隨時可更新
You accept and agree to the terms and conditions of our club (Verein) when you JOIN
DISCLAIMER: The organiser assumes absolutely no responsibility or liability, in whole or in part, for any loss, injury, damage or death incurred to any other person, or to its or their property.